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The father of the management consulting industry, Peter Drucker, famously said, “The purpose of every business is to win customers." Your organization needs to Attract, Retain and Grow customer relationships. Let’s dig a big deeper into each of those capabilities.

Attract Customers

It’s not easy to attract companies when every business is faced with competition from global rivals accessible to buyers via the Internet. Buyers now spend up to 80 percent of their buying processes online, learning about their requirements and potential solutions. Salespeople don’t have the right, or the credentials to reach out to potential buyers anymore. Businesses need to be world-class at attracting customers. Looking beyond customer relationship management (CRM) and Mar-tech solutions, a variety of tech tools can help to engage customers and rapidly build trust such as website platforms, education and learning systems, product and service information repositories, wikis and community sites. Targeting profitable customers and selecting the most appropriate sales channels is key to maximizing sales effectiveness; and that requires rich insights into every touchpoint and transaction that happens.

Retain Customers

Keeping customers happy has never been more important, particularly when up to 60 percent of online product and service sales is thought to be the result of people buying from brands they already know. Maintaining trust in relationships is key. Understanding your customers, making your services to them transparent and delivering on your promises requires technology that’s shaped around your business model. Organizations that operate a digital ecosystem to support their customer retention grow 10-12 percent faster than their rivals, according to a recent study by McKinsey & Co.

Grow Customer Value from Relationships

It is said that, in the B2B sales industry, the probability of your company winning more business from an existing customer is somewhere between 60-70 percent, while winning a new customer for the very first time is thought to be 5-20 percent, even for successful businesses. And yet, most organizations spend up to 80 percent of their available marketing budget on attracting new customers. Technology plays a key role in helping organizations to appreciate the health of customer relationships and areas in which customers might want to consider new purchases.

You know you will need technology in order to do it. But the last thing you want is technology that fragments your data, creates complexity and a burgeoning IT overhead, and tech tools that distract people from doing their jobs and creates a nightmarish legacy IT burden on your business with lots of little apps that don’t talk to one another - and cost a fortune to maintain and upgrade.

Open Source Customer Experience

EvoluData is a leading provider of services to bring free Open Source customer experience, sales facilitation and learning technologies within reach of organizations that may lack the in-house expertise needed to design, deploy and operate their own solutions. We use one of the world’s most popular Open Source digital platforms to craft best-fit apps, one solution at a time. Explore our website to find more about the broad range of ready-to-deploy solutions we offer.

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