Mission-critical data and information management doesn't have to be a nightmare

​Wouldn't it be nice if your organisation solved information scattering and cognitive overload, and empowered your staff to leverage all of its data and knowledge, so that you can truly rely on your mission-critical tools and accomplish ambitious projects with less friction, less guesswork, and less busywork?

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Your team productivity suffers

You are annoyed that instead of relying on a "single source of truth", your organization depends on a hodge-podge collection of tools (or files!) that indirectly create knowledge gatekeepers, siloed departments, confusion and work duplication, and extra "busy work" for everybody:

  • your team spends a ton of time looking for information in many different systems;
  • you have been drowning in emails and paperwork, and your colleagues are throwing spreadsheets at each other;
  • you are sick of fishing out files from your email inbox or DropBox/Google Drive/SharePoint/Slack/Teams accounts, and all those grandiose file repositories and chatrooms just created additional problems on top of the existing ones. You are now drowning in paperwork, emails, and notifications;

You are worried about the potential for errors and incidents

  • you feel like there are not enough data validation safeguards and not enough "business intelligence" systems to automatically ensure your data is correct and giving you the insights you need;
  • you are losing sleep over the safety of your current tools, suspecting that it's only a matter of time before your legacy and/or proprietary "mission-critical" system fails or becomes a huge security problem... but nobody dares to touch that system because it's so fragile or expensive to upgrade;
  • each team member is manually version-controlling their work (because they have experienced catastrophic data losses/accidents in the past) in their own way, and you end up with documents named like "SALES_brochure_08023233-Bob-comments-FINAL-v23-ALICE.docx".

Existing solutions looked shiny, but fell short or broke down easily

  • your needs have not been adequately met by one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter proprietary SaaS products and you seek a customized solution... but your team is worried about the risks and costs of building your own tool in-house;
  • you have been burned in the past by impossibly fragile upgrade paths, where plugin problems tangled you up like a fly in a spider web;
  • you have no unified, high-performance search system across your organization, so your best search & insights gathering tool is called, "Give that task to the intern";
  • you have previously been held hostage by your previous platforms, where exorbitant migration costs meant you either could not upgrade at all, or could only upgrade to "keep the basic system working and reproduce the existing functionality" with no budget left to benefit from new features;

We understand you. You are not crazy, and you are not alone.

Over our 20 years in business, we have met thousands of organizations that were in your situation. Clunky tools suck, and third-party proprietary tools you don't truly own are death traps.

How do you break free and avoid those pitfalls?

There's got' 'to be a better way, right? Yes. Yes there is. You can have tools that are perfectly molded to suit your internal processes, that let you do the job without being spread everywhere, that you can own and improve yourself (or with a healthy ecosystem of independent providers, such as us), with a scalable featureset that adapts to every stage of your organisation, and upgrades that just work'' instead of being backed into a corner with impossibly expensive upgrade paths.

A true Open Source product to solve your real-world information management problems, tailored for you by the #1 trusted company in this ecosystem

We serve organisations who are struggling to manage and scale their internal knowledge, data, and processes. We achieve this with our all-in-one Open Source product WikiSuite, Tiki Trackers and our best-in-class support, training, consulting and custom software integration and development services.

We care about your data sovereignty, provide reliable products and services to thousands of organizations like yours, and we consistently fulfill our sustainability promises by systematically contributing our improvements directly to the Tiki Open Source project for the benefit of all.

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