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Implementing Your GDPR Compliance: Kick-Start Your Change Program

To become part of everyday work, compliance must be top-down and federated across your organization.

For business organizations, the consequential impact of GDPR legislation – targeted toward upholding the data privacy rights of EU citizens – is a new pressure to implement and uphold robust policies to protect data.

Not only has GDPR, and other similar data privacy laws around the world, greatly increased the potential financial penalties of not appropriately protecting the personally identifiable information of citizens, it has been introduced at a time when the threat of data security breaches has never been higher.

Organizations must act to improve their data governance and data security provisioning or risk financial penalties and loss of earnings (and reputation) should a data breach occur.

The obligations placed on businesses include:

  • Ensuring that role accountability is in place for data governance
  • Having permission to use a citizen’s data for the purpose of use
  • Implementing the right of citizens "to be forgotten"
  • Reporting if data has been put at risk
  • Knowing what PII exists and how it is protected (implicit)
  • Keeping PII safe (implicit)
  • Controlling who can access PII (implicit)

Implementing compliance with data privacy law

In response to the GDPR and other data privacy regulatory changes, organizations are sensibly revisiting the suitability of their existing policies, procedures and IT systems to satisfy the data governance.

While EvoluData is not a legal or cyber-security advisor, we do have expert knowledge in how to protect aspects of the office workplace, specifically how to capture and manage information to minimize risk of privacy data loss or misuse. The office workplace is where the majority of human interactions with data, documents, and systems occur. It’s known to be one of the most permeable areas for business data loss.

While most data loss prevention (DLP) remedies focus on the structured data that exists in ERP and other back-office systems, the harsh reality is that it’s generally simpler for others to access your personally identifiable data by printing it – because remarkably few organizations have taken steps to ensure that DLP extends to the use of documents.

The GDPR offers a timely opportunity to review the use and role of information in your business. That’s why there’s no better time to consider the contribution EvoluData can make to improve your data governance; to install safer document workflows and information management measures.

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