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#Wiki Way Machine Learning [Open Source]


Democratizing Machine Learning (ML)

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Wiki Way Machine Learning [Open Source]

Learn about Rubix ML and why we’re so impressed with this game-changing Open Source project


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Whether the job is to spot patterns, monitor, analyze, report, filter, predict, plan or regulate there are ways you could be using today that you’re probably missing out on. Find out how you can take your Machine Learning project forward with EvoluData/ML


Join us in Jan 2021 for an Open Source Machine Learning Roundtable with an outstanding line-up of industry greats.

In this 60-minute roundtable, discover how PHP Machine Learning has come of age and opens the door to the AI revolution for the many, not the few. Read more

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Marc Laporte

Meet the Natural Language search engine hiding inside our knowledge management Read more

Tom Jones

When people start talking about The Tiki Way, what do they mean? Read more

Victor Edwards

Behind every great team is a common culture and a single-version of the truth Read more

Use Cases to Think About

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Monitoring Risks

Businesses face an ever-growing list of risks. In this sphere, computers excel at monitoring changes in data and matching profiled risks to data they monitor.

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Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is about predicting future outcomes by running models that create notional events that might happen in the future.

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Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning systems utilizing machine learning monitor even weak signals of what stakeholders within an industry are talking about and working on.

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Patterns in Data

Modern enterprise system designs seek to blend powerful computerized pattern recognition capability with the more obscure interpretive competencies of humans to make better decisions.

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Highlighting Change

Application developers harness the strengths of machine learning to highlight small, low-frequency changes in data that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Optimizing Humans

Machine learning so far has largely seen humans more empowered by harnessing the technology to make humans better and more efficient at their roles.

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Latest Articles on PHP Machine Learning [Open Source]

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Machine Learning in 2021

How can your humans benefit from machine-learning? In this article we explore whether businesses can live in harmony with (or, indeed, live without) machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

According to McKinsey Global Institute, "While less than five percent of all occupations can be automated entirely using demonstrated technologies, about 60 percent of all occupations have at least 30 percent of constituent activities that could be automated." That suggests a lot of people are going to be forced out of work, but is that really true?

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WikiSuite for Tech Companies looking for an edge

Learn about the technical qualities of WikiSuite that make it a best-fit for departmental and community databases

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Become a WikiSuite tech guru

We’re running a competition across 2020 to find the best examples of WikiSuite deployments…

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