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Field Services Management

Numerous organizations, companies, and businesses hassle with the task of resource planning and assignments. Keeping track of the availabilities, scheduling tasks, and assigning various projects to resources require a pool of information. EvoluData's Field Services Management solution solves these issues with an integrated solution capable of seamlessly handling and streamlining various processes simultaneously.

EvoluData's Field Services Management solution help organizations and businesses automate the mundane processes of field service management. The solution exhibits a platform consolidated with state-of-the-art features enabling users to streamline various processes and tasks. The features include resource management, resource optimization, work order, asset or consumption management, timesheets, scheduling, etc.

Key Features Description

  1. Work Orders:
    This feature lists and manages all the tasks or projects assigned to a particular user. When a project is received and the related tasks or job is assigned to a user, its status and tasks are added in the work orders along with the assignees. These assignments and the status of the work done on a particular task and a project is all tracked down, maintained, and monitored in the work orders. If an admin has to check the current resource availabilities or the task a particular resource is assigned, they can check the most updated and current statuses in the work order.
  2. Asset and Consumption Management:
    The feature helps in ensuring that the company assets utilized by the resources to perform a task are well maintained and stocked up. The feature monitors the assets, keeps a check on the asset assignments and consumption, and allows users to monitor the inventory levels.
  3. Task Assignment:
    The feature helps streamline the task assignment process.
  4. Schedules:
    This feature deals with the work schedules of different resources. This can happen that a resource is assigned several tasks and have varying schedules to perform the tasks. Also, this feature also handles the rescheduling a task assignment to another resource if initially assigned resource does not show up or takes a leave.
  5. Productivity Measurement:
    This feature deals with the assessment of monitoring the resources, their progress on completing an assigned project, a projects budget versus the expenditures, and the overall team's productivity.
  6. Resource Management:
    This feature allows the administration and management to create and manage resources.
  7. Resource Optimization:
    This feature helps administration to ensure that a resource is fully utilized. Resources in a company can have different working schedules. Ensuring that the resources are being fully utilized during their working hours and their work assignments are in place is a key feature of field services management solution.
  8. Clients Management:
    The feature helps incorporate and list all the clients of the company along with their details. The feature can be utilized to monitor and track the progress of client's project(s) and the budget assigned.
  9. Timesheets:
    This feature helps the company employees and the resources to add timesheets in the field management solution. The timesheets incorporates details such as task name, job code, employee name, etc.
  10. Payroll and Budgeting:
    Based on the timesheets entered by the resources, the feature generates payrolls for the employees. This feature also help in project budgeting based on which the number of resources are utilized on a project.

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