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Uncomplicate Compliance

To become part of everyday work, compliance must be top-down and federated across your organization

Every organization has to fulfill its compliance obligations. That’s not easy when so much is happening every day.

Risks of non-compliance have grown recently with the introduction of more rigorous data protection regulations around the world. The global impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation is that organizations must today balance data privacy risks with other forms of operational risk such as natural disasters, currency fluctuations, capacity shortfalls, late payments and data loss.

Balance Risk

To appropriately balance risk, each of these risk area needs to be considered holistically and not in isolation.


One of the factors that makes this holistic approach to policy enforcement more difficult is the multiplicity of discrete data systems and operating silos. Most organizations lack a single view of their data, or a single unifying digital platform with which to orchestrate their operational capabilities.

**EvoluData helps organizations to implement information, knowledge and communications built on the free Open Source digital platform, WikiSuite. **By helping organizations to adopt one digital platform for compliance governance, EvoluData helps the management team to simplify policy enforcement and reduce risks that are the inevitable consequence of weak data governance and fragmented information systems.

One of the many advantages of managing compliance with WikiSuite lies in its versatility to be shaped to fit the way organizations want to operate. Its portfolio of "ready-to-shape" building blocks makes light work of configuring it to fit the needs of all types and sizes of businesses. Deploying organizations enjoy extremely low IT costs because of the significant reductions in software purchase, upgrade and integration expenses.

WikiSuite Compliance Systems

EvoluData plays a key role in WikiSuite compliance systems deployments around the world, leveraging the value of WikiSuite for organizations that lack the technical skills and program management and deployment experience needed to fine-tune their digital platforms to meet business needs.

Case examples of WikiSuite deployments for compliance governance show how effective it is in unifying policy enforcement across the enterprise. Examples include:


Capturing Data at Point of Use – WikiSuite works on mobile devices and desktops. It also includes powerful database management and forms design tools. This functional richness means EvoluData can develop applications for data capture at point of use that minimize data entry costs and maximize usability for your users.

Managing Key Registers – It’s essential that organizations maintain accurate registers of such things as health and safety, hazardous substances, IT systems, data people, roles and processes. These data records are the pillars of effective policy compliance, yet most organizations today remain unable to maintain these records. WikiSuite offers the core building blocks needed to create, manage and monitor key registers.​

Adopting Federated Risk Management – Unifying enterprise risk registers, automating notifications and reviews can be created and maintained to ensure that policies don’t fall out of date.

Sharing Best Practices – To enforce policies, people need to embrace the norms of behavior built into policy documents and make these approaches part of the day job. Education therefore plays a key role in effective governance. WikiSuite offers a comprehensive series of modules to implement knowledge-sharing in support of educational programs, including the ability to manage educational schedules and test knowledge through quizzes.

Reporting and Escalating – A big part of policy governance is the ability to alert senior managers (and appointed regulatory bodies) to events and risks in a timely manner. WikiSuite offers powerful reporting and notification features to automate this process.

Open Source Compliance

EvoluData is a leading provider of services to bring free Open Source compliance and governance technologies within reach of organizations that lack the in-house expertise needed to design, deploy and operate their own solutions. We use one of the world’s most popular open source digital platforms to craft best-fit solutions, one solution at a time.

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