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Knowledge sharing isn’t easy when your team use a blend of platforms. Open Source digital platforms unleash the power of team-working…

Businesses work more effectively when people can work together, pool their ideas and experiences, stay on the same page, and focus their energies on common goals.

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Do Knowledge Management for People, Not to Them

One of the most eye-popping realizations about successful case stories for knowledge-sharing projects is that most organizations don’t define what success looks like and they have a habit of presuming that users want to participate in a paradigm that’s not of their design. The essence of effective knowledge management solutions is to nurture and encourage team-working in a supportive way to encourage the right behaviors that will lead to the outcomes driving the project. Telling people to share knowledge never works.

Define Your Teams

A team by definition should share a common interest or goal. These are the things that bring commonality of interest among team members. Sitting around the same table and having nothing in common doesn’t create effective organizational units!

Know Your Team Culture

Teams can possess very different cultural behaviors that hugely influence how they work and the approaches they take to managing and sharing information. Startup firms typically possess a high degree of solidarity and openness, while mature enterprises will commonly operate more structured command and control conditions, have less engaged employees and operate a "need to know" culture. Understanding the operating culture of a team matters because it flavors the type of technology that teams will find the "best fit" for how they work. It also makes a difference in the way knowledge platforms are shaped and used.

Create a Single Place to Network

Technology is great but it can sometimes get in the way. It’s very important that team members work on the same common platform to share their content and conversations, otherwise knowledge gets fragmented.

Engage and Agree on Norms of Behavior

It’s important that leaders help individuals to realize how much more effective they can be by using the right tools in the right way – and, more than anything else, leaders need their team members to agree on norms of behavior that are acceptable to the team.

Coach-in the Benefits of Team Working

Sounds ridiculous perhaps, but while people are generally wantingto share knowledge, there are a lot of good personal reasons why they don’t. Removing the obstacles to effective team-working starts by "coaching-in" the value of team working to your team members, and spending time with newcomers on how to do it.

Maintain the Cost and Currency of Data

Nobody wants to visit a site (or platform) if it’s outdated and offers little value. To be effective, knowledge sharing platforms need to be built around the needs of the micro communities that use them.

Use Intuitive Tools

In the digital age, users don’t want to have to spend a lot of time working out how to use a tool, where to store their data – and where to find it. The technology you select needs to fit the need, but it also needs to be friendly, intuitive and always available to users. People don’t do knowledge sharing in the last hour before they go home to their families, they do it all of the way through the day, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.

Open Source Collaboration

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