Why EvoluData develops true Freedom-respecting Open Source Enterprise solutions as an integral part of its business model

Founding principles and core logic

Like many businesses, EvoluData started as the brainchild of one individual; in this case, Marc Laporte, CEO of EvoluData, active Tiki contributor, and founder of WikiSuite.

In 1999, Marc had an ambition to create a computer services business founded on fairness and opportunity for all, with a central ambition to create and share wealth across a convergent Open Source community of individuals around the world—with a passion for technology and the shared belief that Open Source software is itself a positive force in commerce. Marc's business has been fulfilling that ambition for well over 20 years (read the history page for more details).
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Understanding our logic: why your data is a strategic asset

Here is our chain of observations:

  1. You cannot grow your business without knowing how it works​
  2. You cannot know how it works without good data
  3. We live in a data-driven world, particularly with the fast-paced evolution of markets creating pressure for leaner businesses
  4. You cannot get good data when it’s not accessible for analysis
  5. As a result: entrusting your mission-critical data and knowledge (and thus the core of your business) to proprietary software (whether desktop or proprietary SaaS) is a strategic mistake.

This is why everything we do ensures you do not fall into that trap.

The shared purpose we feel within EvoluData

We believe the efficient use of data creates a data-driven organization. That means all organizations should:

  • Control their data
  • Manage data in a single place
  • Have the ability to source software without a lock-in

More than an empty gesture to set a vision for our business, or a set of values that appears once in a while during corporate pitches and presentations, ours is a single ambition: We ask our people and followers to __join us in helping to harness the selfless efforts of those individuals creating Open Source software to create "a feeling" in the work-teams that make our customers successful.

Software is Eating the World

While more of the software wealth is being shared by fewer people, the world of software is growing. Everything is increasingly computerized.

For these reasons, it's of the utmost importance that commercial organizations regain control of their business-critical software platforms and data.

Over the last 20 years, large, proprietary software companies have been increasing their influence in the business software market. The result is that an increasing amount of the world’s wealth is being reaped by a smaller group of individuals.

As Marc Andreessen puts it, "…many of the prominent new Internet companies are building real, high-growth, high-margin, highly defensible businesses." Enterprise finds itself short on choices, and is required to pay large ransoms—in the form of annual service charges and software upgrades—to stay in business and remain competitive.

We stand firmly against all of that.

How we are pushing back against the user-hostile trends we've been seeing in the IT world

You will be interested in reading our methodology page to discover how we're doing Free & Open Source software development the "right way" with the Tiki and WikiSuite projects (and associated projects that we are also helping). Learn more about EvoluData's upstream-first Open Source methodology.

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