What services we provide

Free & Open Source software packages are great (and this is why our products are 100% Open Source, no catch!), but if you are reading this, you may be looking for professional support, guarantees, or custom integration and engineering.

In addition to the WikiSuite product itself, EvoluData can provide these à-la-carte services to your organization, around Tiki and WikiSuite and how to integrate your existing or future systems:

  • Tiki & WikiSuite custom development, using our upstream-first methodology
  • Tiki & WikiSuite consultancy, training and support
  • Infrastructure services:
    • Tiki & WikiSuite SaaS (turn-key cloud hosting)
    • Tiki & WikiSuite managed hosting (on your own infrastructure)
    • WikiSuite on-premises deployments (installation, configuration, upgrades)
  • On-premises independent security best practices & auditing service (for compliance or to support your existing IT department)
  • "White gloves" business & IT services: business process analysts, internal documentation writers/maintainers, and Big Data & Machine Learning scientists "for rent"

Contact us to leverage our 20 years of experience in integrating Tiki and WikiSuite into specialized solutions for thousands of customers around the world.

A: Analysis/consulting

Want to transform your business but don’t know where to start or your IT department is not mature enough to support your business’s next strategic leap? Come to us for thorough analysis of your business and its IT needs. Our experienced consultants will design and define the roadmap and provide technological solutions for you to reach your business goals. Here are business process and knowledge management consulting services we offer:

  • Digital transformation
  • Training on documentation and knowledge management best practices
  • Business processes automation: is your company wasting your employees' precious time by making them do tedious tasks day in, day out? From keeping track of tasks, files, attendance, cash flows, timesheets, filling out forms, keeping track of job applicants and interviews, whatever it is that decreasing efficiency, we can help you automate any of your business processes.
  • Data analytics and business intelligence
    • Do you have files and files of data sitting in some dusty cabinet or perhaps in your computer and not sure what to do with it? Let us help digitize your data and organize it in a meaningful and implementable analytics to bring success to your business.
  • General technical support and training for Tiki: already using Tiki or WikiSuite? Contact us for any difficulty, problem or hitch you are facing with Tiki or WikiSuite and we will happily solve it for you.

B: Custom development & integration

Whether for a public-facing website, an intranet, an internal mission-critical system, or simply to improve a particular set of features in Tiki/WikiSuite, with our proven track record and upstream-first methodology, we are the best certified Tiki/WikiSuite provider to help you tackle complex technical challenges.

  • Custom website design and development: if your website is outdated and not reaching your target audience and goals, we can help you define your prepare content, do graphic design with aesthetically pleasing visuals, and integrate it all in a nice website so that your prospects can find the information they need and trust what they see.
  • Support and training for deploying and using Tiki or WikiSuite for your website
  • Improving customer experience
    • Integrate self-service forms and portals into your business to give your customers a streamlined experience for finding information or getting in touch, without the need for an always-online support agent or phone service.
  • Intranets and internal tooling
  • Custom databases
  • Migrations (from legacy software or other online platforms) and upgrades
  • Custom Tiki Trackers integration
  • Custom Tiki software development (expedited bugfixes and features)
  • Custom WikiSuite features development (beyond Tiki)

C: Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

We host? We help. You host? We also help. EvoluData makes it possible for your data to evolve along with your business.

WikiSuite SaaS (no-hassle Cloud Computing)

Don't want to mess with server management _at all?_ Cut the infrastructure cost by delegating the cloud services to us. EvoluData offers turn-key hosting service on our own cloud of servers built on rock-solid platforms. We will take care of everything from A to Z: migration to the cloud, deployment, cloud service administration, security and monitoring, support and general advice. You can simply use the software and leave all the infrastructure headaches to us.

Managed cloud dedicated servers

When you would like additional performance and autonomy, without the hassle of running your own servers on your own internal infrastructure, consider our dedicated servers. Our extensive experience lets us skillfully manage servers in state-of-the-art data centers on all continents (pick your country!) in compliance with security best practices. We will take care of server setup, monitoring, maintenance along with data storage, backup and recovery.

Managed on-premises dedicated servers behind your firewall

If you have specific security requirements and need to run your own dedicated servers within your company's internal network, but would like us to help you manage them, we can do so.

Privacy and cybersecurity support

  • GDPR compliance support
  • Security audits
  • Installation verification and troubleshooting
  • Monitoring

Advanced enterprise support is available through custom EvoluData Service Level Agreements, such as 99.9% uptime guarantees, 24/7 support (depending on SLA), and under 3 hours of response time for any issue reported (depending on SLA).

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