Introduction to POMS

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Are you coordinating the response to COVID-19 in your municipality or organization? It can be a struggle to compile records and manage updates using desktop tools like Microsoft Excel and Word. What you need is an easy way to identify, compile and update disease outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic cases to be investigated.​

Our Pandemic Outbreak Monitoring System can help. It is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your response and minimize the administrative burdens by removing tedious data-processing tasks.

Our elegant Open Source solution is powered by WikiSuite, a proven enterprise-grade software platform for collaboration and information management.

Our Platform Does Three Things Extremely Well

1. It helps you record and take charge of all stages of the investigation of a pandemic, epidemic, or other extensive disease outbreak cases (reception, call to the workplace, sending of emails, receiving of documents from the workplace, entering of contacts in telehealth software platforms like Akinox™, and so on). Any existing Excel records can be easily uploaded to get your system up and running fast.

2. Once records are compiled, you can:

  • Produce multiple reports for analysis and tracking of outbreaks in the workplace.
  • Export data for communication to external organizations.

3. We’ve designed our pandemic database solution to help your team work smarter:

  • Data is compiled by using the most appropriate submission process.
  • Adjustments can be made daily according to changing or emerging needs.
  • And, by using the “multi-user modification” mode, records can be updated by several people simultaneously.

Fast, Painless Integration with Existing Systems

When implementing a Pandemic Monitoring System, one of the main challenges is to integrate data from existing systems. Historically, it’s been very difficult to work with financial and ERP platforms like Oracle® because an application programming interface (API) is required and can only be sourced by IT teams. Our solution simplifies data integration by exporting any existing database data to a wiki in the form of a standard report. We then re-map data on the authored wiki page to prompt search queries on our database. This simple yet elegant solution means that you can immediately begin working with your existing systems and data sources.

Benefits Of WikiSuite Open Source

The software is free! Our Open Source software is free – no purchase cost or ongoing subscription costs!

Enterprise-grade. We ensure that our software is safe for data and includes robust industry-standard user authentication.

Low-cost installation and support. EvoluData takes care of your deployment, day-to-day technical support, and upgrades – and because we ''configure'' and not ''customize'', the installation process is fast and affordable.

Don’t make disease outbreak monitoring any more difficult than it already is. Instead, install an affordable and elegant solution to get monitoring right. Contact us today to see a demo.