Overview of EvoluData's solutions for your business

​WikiSuite is fully supported by EvoluData, with over 20 years of experience servicing the needs of small and large organizations alike. This page provides a quick overview of what WikiSuite can do for you, what EvoluData can do for you, and how we do our magic.

What types of challenges our Fully Open Source product solves

Our flagship open source product, WikiSuite, combines the versatility of numerous open source projects Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Tiki Trackers, and various other Open Source components) with the convenience and battle-tested dependability of the "WikiSuite by EvoluData" package, aimed at satisfying the most demanding enterprise requirements.

Before we talk about the high-level benefits for your organization, here is a taste of some of the usecases WikiSuite fulfills:

  • Field Services & Operations Management: EvoluData's WikiSuite deployments can help you streamline or automate mundane processes and tasks, and organize others. Our FSM solution's feature resource management, resource optimization, work orders, asset or consumption management, timesheets, scheduling, etc. Learn more about this usecase...
  • Knowledge Management and Learning Management: Make it easy for your teams and departments to adopt the Wiki Way and digitally document every internal process or piece of knowledge, without needing to use paper, files, email trails, SharePoint, office suites, DropBox or Google Drive. Onboard employees and collaborators more quickly by creating step-by-step training materials, whether bite-sized or detailed.
  • Document Management: Scan, store, manage and track paper and electronic documents. Our Document Management System can be well-integrated with other systems in your organization. Indexing, powerful searching, user permissions, users access control, document access levels, detailed logs of activity, versioning and archiving, are all things our product excels at. Learn more...
  • Case Management: Incident management, bug tracking, legal case management, case lifecycle management, case linkages, etc. Time to to break free from files and paper! WikiSuite provides a flexible platform with multi-user access, custom workflows, multi-channel support, reports and analytics dashboards, attachments, meetings and collaborations, scheduling, training, custom integrations, etc. Learn more...
  • Custom Databases, Forms and Data Collection: Create unlimited forms, customize them and directly embed them on your website. Collect data efficiently with more then 45 data types and convert data into actionable insights with our customizable dashboards. Learn more about interactive forms...
  • Electronic Records Management: Without an efficient record management solution, it becomes difficult to conform to ever-increasing compliance and regulatory measures enforced by various governments. Our solution facilitates compliance, in a timely and accurate manner, and can significantly reduce the costs of compliance by automating key process. Learn more...

This was a high-level overview of solutions. For technical features and preinstallation/hosting/upgrade packages, visit the WikiSuite website, or keep reading below for additional information on the additional value we provide through our relationship with you.

How this will help you (i.e. key benefits)

Using WikiSuite, with support and custom integration provided by EvoluData, will allow you to reclaim your digital independence and improve many aspects of your organization's day-to-day operations, by facilitating collaboration with better information flow, replacing spreadsheets and legacy databases or file/email/chat-based silos with a holistic, well-integrated solution that lets you share knowledge effectively.

Our solutions are 100% Free and Open Source. You only pay for hosting, support, training, custom integration, or custom development services, if and when you need it. It's as simple as that.

? Collaborate

Companies that prioritize collaboration are five times more likely to experience a considerable increase in employment, twice as likely to be profitable, and twice as likely to outgrow competitors.

  • We provide your teams a common "place to go" to find and share knowledge.
  • We remove legacy burden risk by assuring continuity with open source software – without upgrade costs or unbudgeted spend risks.​​
  • We tailor solutions to perfectly match the way you want to work.​​
  • We integrate with your existing identity management solutions to provide a single-sign-on providing easy access to apps on one place.​​

? Let Information Flow

80 percent of enterprises still rely on paper documents. Only the top 1-2% of businesses manage their information efficiently.

If you would like to be part of the top 2%, you need your information to flow efficiently and seamlessly through well-orchestrated workflows. If you are aware of this challenge within your organization, that's great! You're already on your way towards a solution. We can help you eradicate the inefficient and high-risk use of hard-copy documents, displacing it through automation and always-on availability of easy to use online information apps that you can own and control.​ As a result, you can:

  • Automate business processes
  • Integrate federated I.D. integration​
  • Replace paper with web systems​
  • Improve data governance​​

? Replace Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are remarkably versatile for quick & dirty "one-off" calculations, but they’re not good for business when they’re used to support business-critical processes. They lack transparency, are prone to user error and make data hard to find and difficult to protect.​ Learn more about problems inherent to spreadsheets

Our information apps replace the use of spreadsheets with web apps.​ As a result:

  • No longer do users or department heads have to assume the role of "app owners"​​​.
  • Data becomes easily governed by IT and compliance professionals.​​​
  • The quality and usability of apps is improved exponentially, without software purchasing or upgrade costs!​

? Share Knowledge

If your company fails to capture the tacit knowledge found in key workers, you’ll see it walk out the door. Whatever your information sharing requirements, WikiSuite provides the tooling you need to best fit your needs, while EvoluData provides all the support you may need to make the best of it. We can:

  • Discover your knowledge sharing needs.​
  • Produce a custom proposal leveraging WikiSuite capabilities​.
  • Install your solution and coach your team on how to use it.​​

? Stay On Top of Security and New Features, with Predictable and Easy Upgrades

Regular software upgrades are made possible thanks to WikiSuite's predictable release schedule, well-tested built-in modules (instead of plugins, and EvoluData's expertise in maintaining your website and infrastructure.

Since WikiSuite is constantly being developed and progressing and new features are always bundled as modules along with the rest of WikiSuite, you can automatically benefit from new features as they become available.

Software upgrades are part of your ongoing support plan for WikiSuite, so they are predictable and reasonable. Alternatively, with your password and a web browser, you will be able to easily update your website on your own if you prefer to do it yourself—without ever again having to wait for a webmaster!

? Predictable Pricing, Long-Term Partnership

The way the EvoluData team works goes well beyond simply implementing technological solutions. We are business analysts committed to implementing efficient and future-proof solutions.

We have been around for more than 20 years, and we will continue to remain by your side for many more years to come. When you are doing business with EvoluData, you are selecting a trusted partner for your organization.

How is this even possible?!

EvoluData's unique ability to create tailored yet durable solutions for you is based on a few key aspects of our philosophy and methodology: 100% Free and Open Source (no catch!) software with an "upstream first" approach, giving back to the community at every opportunity (which pays dividends in the long term), and applying the "wiki way" to the way we do business and create software. Read more in our philosophy and methodology pages to discover the well-integrated logic behind all this.

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